Albanich 2012

Yesterday saw the West Coast Gamers expeditionary force bumble along to Dumfries for the very friendly and small, but perfectly formed Albanich show. This year we put on a game based on a “what if” from the first Bishops War of 1639. Lots of 28mm figures, all newly painted just for this event marched along the table and the usual RCFM “Regiment of Foote” mayhem ensued.


 Now I struggled to find any enthusiasm for fighting with the army of Charles the first, as my usual ECW battles involve me as in inveterate enemy of this slippery fellow. However one of his supporters in this earlier conflict described how he hoped to fight the Covenanters -“‘the hope of rubbing, fubbing and scrubbing those scurvy, filthy, dirty, nasty, lousy, itchy, scabby, shitten, stinking, slovenly, snotty-nosed, logger-headed, foolish, insolent, proud, beggarly, impertinent, absurd, grout-headed, villainous, barbarous, bestial, false, lying, roguish, devilish, long-eared, short-haired, damnable, atheistical, puritanical crew of the Scottish Covenant.’  (Thomas Windebank, son of the King’s Secretary of State) so with his description of these fellows I reckoned I could, just for once draw my sword and roll dice for the King. It didn’t work of course, my troops fled and were well beaten.

Battle detail showing Scots Highlanders this time fighting for the King. They seem to have brought along a small multi-barreled cannon of some sort but alas Hector forgot the wheels. In the woods the Aberdeen militia pretend to be bird spotting, which the might as well have been doing for all the good they did in the battle. In the rear unit the usual show of defiance takes place.

Anyway a good day out, lots of dice rolled, coffee drunk, bacon rolls consumed and much mickey taken- what more can you ask for?



Couple of pics to hand of my 13/14th century medievals in 15mm.